Speech: Common Foreign and Security Policy (Strasbourg)

Adrian Severin Double Standards Conference (101 of 104)The EU foreign and security policy is held hostage by the dilemma of choosing between values and geo-strategy. This is a false-dilemma, since values are a dimension of power, part of the geo-political endeavour. The EU interests are best protected in areas and with partners sharing the same values.

The promotion of EU values must neither be done at the expense of the geo-political interests, nor vice versa. Both are about the security of the European citizens.

The real problem lies in our lack of understanding that our values cannot prevail until we prevail in the geo-strategic race. This does not mean that we abandon our values (for the sake of the geo-strategic rational). It means that we have to firstly create a security framework for those values to grow.

The prevalence we presently give our values does not reflect our attachment to them, but our ineffectiveness in defining our geo-strategic identity and therefore our long-term interests and geo-political goals.

We fight an elusive crusade that gives us the false impression that we are imposing our model around the world, while disguising the real reactive character of our external action.

EU must overcome this Messiah complex and stop behaving as a global secular priesthood. Likewise, we must admit that the ‘more for more” approach does not function when the countries concerned have geo-political or geo-economic alternatives.

A foreign policy without strategic goals is a vehicle going nowhere. As Alice in Wonderland, we fool ourselves that if we do not know the destination all roads lead us there! If we do not change that we condemn ourselves to irrelevance within the international competition. A soft power with vision and teeth, this is what we have to be.

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