Pressures exercised by Russia on countries of the ENP in the context of the upcoming EU Summit in Vilnius

Adrian Severin Double Standards Conference (101 of 104)The fact that Russia wants to attract its neighbours under its leadership in the Euro Asiatic Union, is understandable and legitimate. The EU would also like to have its neighbours close to it.

The real question is why, after experiencing the EU Eastern Neighbourhood Partnership, countries like Armenia opt for the Euro Asiatic Union? It’s not only about pressure of the others. It is about our own weaknesses. The Prime minister of Georgia apparently considered the same option.

Belarus was lost because of the dogmatic shortcomings of some of our policies. Azerbaijan will be lost because EU is not able to see the strategic importance of that country, which is not looking for money but for a serious political partnership and for its territorial integrity.

When Russia puts pressure on Ukraine for not signing the Association Agreement with the EU it apparently knows something that we do not know, namely that Ukraine is strategically crucial and that values follow the settlement of the geo-strategic game and not the other way around. How long do we think that, rejecting and harassing Ukraine, Ukraine can remain neutral?

Thus we put in jeopardy both the promotion of our democratic values in the Eastern Neighbourhood and the geo-political security of our citizens. Therefore we should not blame Russia. Instead we should be more robust and pragmatic in our policies. The EU Summit in Vilnius will offer an opportunity which should not be missed.



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