Situation in Libya (debate)

The exact causes of the uprisings in the Arab world remain to be identified. Apart from the future uncertainty surrounding such social upheaval, the ‘political engineering’ undertaken once again by the Euro-Atlantic players increases the danger level of the situation. The constant repetition of the self-deluding speeches from the EU has not stopped, while we are already witnessing in Egypt the reintroduction of curfews following the attacks against the Israeli embassy. In Libya the atrocities committed by rebels are being discovered and the reintroduction of Islamic law as a model of government has been announced. Turkey, a former strategic ally of Israel, is scaling down significantly the level of diplomatic relations with this country and stating that recognition of the Palestinian state is an absolute must. At the same time, the policy of establishing settlements leaves Palestinian self-determination without any territorial support, while the violence in Syria and Taliban attacks against NATO in Afghanistan highlight the West’s powerlessness in the region.

How will we then move towards a peaceful future? By abandoning the damaging geopolitical strategy which guarantees Israel’s security by supporting Arab regimes devoid of any legitimacy. By stopping the use of human rights as a tool for geopolitical purposes and the neo-colonial transfer of models of Western social structure to the Middle East. By supporting the cooperation policies which will put an end to ‘rent’ economies in the Middle East and, by extension, internal and external socio-political clientelism. By secularising international relations and ending the ‘cultural war’ between ‘redeeming Judeo-Christianity’ and ‘damned Islam’.

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