If we are already spying on each other, it is time to talk to each other


Written statement – 3 July 2013

Council and Commission statements – US NSA surveillance programme, surveillance bodies in various Member States and impact on EU citizens’ privacy

The PRISM scandal is artificial and the EU attitude is hypocritical. The EU itself repeatedly invaded the private life of its citizens or delivered information about them to US.

What EU defends now is not the citizens’ freedom but its own freedom to act non-transparently towards its American ally.

It is not spying that undermines friendship, but the lack of good faith, commitment, transparency and loyalty. Perhaps friends should not spy on each other but should not hide the truth from each other either. On the other hand, nobody has eternal friends. Accurate information about friends consolidates trust, making friendship longer.

US-EU common standards for balancing freedom and security and agreements for sharing classified information are necessary but the EU should abandon its practice of preconditions. There is an urgent need for a strategic transatlantic partnership and PRISM revelations must not hijack the negotiations. Only those who are afraid of EU and US imposing their standards at the global level are interested in postponing them. Thus intelligence is necessary and thus unavoidable. It could and should not be forbidden.

The EU and US cultural compatibilities and common geostrategic interests make the transatlantic partnership unique. Any alternative partnerships of one of the two with third actors will lead to instable equilibriums, being themselves instable.


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